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Valcom v-2003a Paging integration

Apr 20, 2014 09:28 PM PDT
Nick Squires
Hello - i have a shoretel SG 220T1A-1 that is currently connected to a PA amplifier which is then connected to a powered 66 block which then runs to several speakers in our building. Everything works fine but i'm trying to find out how to integrate a valcom v-2003a 3 zone paging control unit. There is very little to no documentation on how to set this up, to the point where i'm not even sure where this valcom device would sit in my current configuration. If anyone has set one of these up before, would you mind enlightening me on how you did it? Even if it's not similar to my setup, it might help me understand how to integrate it.

Thanks very much
Apr 25, 2014 03:24 AM PDT
Allan Ozersky
ANI Networks (formerly
Try going to (independent Shoretel forum) and search on paging, there are quite a few posts that may help you out with your question. (This site seems to have more folks than the factory site)
Apr 25, 2014 04:24 AM PDT
Nick Squires
Will do, thanks for the tip!
Apr 25, 2014 04:25 AM PDT
Open Office
Communications Resources Incorporated aka CRI
For in depth detail see Application Note 0109 on the Support site.
Use Director in Support Mode, accessed by pressing Ctrl-Shift and clicking on User Name before logging in. Set up a dedicated loop start trunk group (let's call it Paging). The access code doesn't matter (it might as well be 9), since it won't be added to any user group. Assign the Class Connect box an extension. e.g.199, and add that as an Off System Extension (199-199) in the Paging trunk group. Add the string ;1G;1I (capital letter i) to the custom plan string of the Paging trunk group. The first three characters say to wait 1 second after going off hook and presume a connection even if dials tone is not heard, the second three characters say not to outpulse the off system extension (e.g. 199) after the trunk is seized. Add trunks in the Paging trunk group that are to be connected to the Class Connect box. To use this setup, dial 199, wait 1 second and hear the Class Connect box's dial tone then press the DTMF to access the feature you want.

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