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ECC Integrated Toolbar and Agent Monitor

May 30, 2014 04:58 PM PDT
Lucille Walker
CenturyLink Inc
Having an issue with having the Integrated Toolbar running and Agent Monitor. It seems that it will allow one or the other, but not both at the same time. Running Rls 14.2 (the latest build released on 5/20/2014) with the communicator that came out in this release. Wondering if this is design intent or if this is a problem. I see it as a problem.
Jun 04, 2014 09:58 AM PDT
Greg Gallaway
Spokane Teachers Credit Union
I believe you just need to be logged into communicator (with integrated Toolbar) first, then you should be able to open Agent Monitor, it will not work the other way around because the integrated toolbar will try and load the Agent/supervisor bits and they would have already been loaded by agent monitor causing a conflict.

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