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email change in ecc8 (and ecc9)

Sep 18, 2014 12:07 PM PDT
Chris Pearson
Xata Corp
The email functionality in ECC9 (I believe it actually changed in ECC8) is causing our help desk serious issues. The fact that the agent can’t see who the email came from or any of the header information is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed. We have been able to work around the issue by modifying the “Contact Center Login\Configure Call Status” option to show the “Email from” field, however this only will tell me who the email was from. The agent really needs to see everybody the email went to in order to properly respond to the email (Who else was in the To: field of that email, who was CC’d). More often than not when customers sends in an email to our help desk, they are copying multiple people on the communication. If we only respond to the original sender (which appears to be the only option we have now) the email appears to have been not addressed by everybody else that received that email as they never got the response.
I’d have to imagine other people are experiencing this pain point and I’d like to know how they are dealing with it and if there are any plans form ShoreTel to do this differently as right now it’s pretty painful.

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