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Looking for report on call volume by area code

Oct 16, 2014 11:58 AM PDT
Calvin Strohl
Benco Dental Company
My callcenter manager is looking for a report she can run that will show how many calls come in from particular area codes, destined to one of our queues. I looked through the reports but didn't see anything, if anyone knows how if there is a way to do this I would appreciate a response.
Running ECC8 and Shoretel 14.2.
Sep 22, 2015 01:31 PM PDT
Damian Galindo
Global CTI Group
You may be able to use ECC Scripts to apply IVR applications as a way of counting calls from specific area codes. This would require a bit of work without the use of a database. or You can use Domains(geographic location) and ANI Prefixes(Area Codes), this will allow you to run Domain reports.

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