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Installing Mobility SSL Certs...not a clear process.

Oct 23, 2014 06:27 AM PDT
Eric Houser
Parallel Technologies, Inc.
There is no great documentation on this so I am hoping someone has run into this before. Before I start, I have fully reviewed the Admin guide chapter 7 but again, this isn't very clear. What I have done before has worked without an issue but trying this again on multiple mobility routers is not working. First, I generated a CA then, I go to Standalone>Remote, generate a CSR and submit this to a 3rd party for an external certificate. Once I receive the cert, I open in notepad and paste in all delivered cert including the private key from the original CSR. It states the cert was imported successfully and needs to restart. It restarts but when I return to the Certificate section, it states a default certificate is in use?? It shouldn't be, I just imported one. Any ideas?

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