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ShoreTel login error in Salesforce

Nov 10, 2014 12:57 PM PST
Alex Kogan
VFM Leonardo Inc
Some of our users are having an issue where they can't login to the ShoreTel add-in in Salesforce. They will get one of two errors at random.

Login to SM on server "" failed: Timeout waiting for response. Please verify the HQ server address () and the Advanced Application Web Utilities application is installed on the HQ server.. Refresh your browser to try again.


ShoreTel Softphone failed to load. Check with your system administrator.

We have a solution that works for all but one of our users. Closing all instances of chrome.exe and then disabling the ShoreTel Outlook add-ins and reloading chrome usually resolves the problem.

This is what we have tried for the one user where this does not work:
Uninstalling and reinstalling ShoreTel Communicator, Presenter, and Accelerator.
Changing the IP address.
Different browsers.
Verified that Chrome has been configured to allow mixed content.

Any suggestions?
Nov 17, 2014 10:41 AM PST
Jim Strickland
Mosaik Solutions LLC (fka American Roamer)
Have you had any luck with a permanent solution? I am having the same issue with all of my Windows users. It does not matter if they user Chrome, Firefox, or IE, they all get the same problem. None of your temporary workarounds worked for me. Interestingly, none of my Mac users are having problems. The ShoreTel dialer works just fine for them.

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