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ECC Agent in RemoteApp (Windows RDS)

Dec 15, 2014 02:10 PM PST
Ryan Witschger
Unity BPO
I have installed the Shoretel Communicator and the ECC Agent on my Microsoft RDS (Terminal Servers) hosts. When an Agent connects to the desktop via an RDP session everything works as expected; however, when they connect to the application via a RemoteApp session the ECC agent toolbar appears (normally hidden with communicator) along with a dialog box titled "Sending Login Dialog" and text "Sending Login Info... Please wait..."

This stays forever. If I close it then cac.exe is closing and the communicator functions (login/log out of all group, etc.) are still present, but non-functional.

I have separately publish the Agent Toolbar alone which functions normally. Has anyone else observed this or have any ideas as to what the cause could be?

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