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Any way of ECC Agents knowing their status from the phone?

Feb 19, 2015 10:56 AM PST
Eric Kohlmann
Brunswick Corporation - HQ
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We have 485's and ECC. Workgroups display a great little indicator on the phone for the status of the agent, but the ECC does not appear to have any options or indicator to display on the phone. We've had many agents that are only used to looking at their phones that they don't realize they've been sitting on "Release" for an hour or more. I know there's an advanced application that will flag a warning on the PC, but they need something on their phones since their PC's are already overloaded with other windows. The Agent Alert application also is a pain since you have to edit everyone's ETAS file and we have hundreds of agents. Anyone know of a way to display if they're on "Release" on the phone?
Dec 21, 2015 08:08 AM PST
Mike Bonser
Gas Transportation Company
Bump to this thread - we too suffer from this kind of issue. Anyone got any ideas?
Dec 21, 2015 01:10 PM PST
Ari Piotrkowski
City of Santa Rosa
Yeah we use the agent alert application and I can't imaging deploying that to any significant number of agents! I too would like to know if there is a way to accomplish ECC agent state from the telephone.
Dec 22, 2015 04:05 AM PST
Mike Bonser
Gas Transportation Company
I've put in a suggestion to the mailbox.

If more people put this in as a suggestion it may get taken up and deployed..
May 18, 2016 08:13 AM PDT
Doug Wilson
Childrens Mercy Hospital
I would also like to have this option on the phone. One step better, have a button on the phone to Logon, Logoff, Release and Resume so agent does not need to use Contact Center Agent or Communicator.
May 18, 2016 11:38 AM PDT
Ken Rodrigues
Black Box - Norstan Communications
You can put the buttons on the phone for changing the agent state and login and logout but there is no connection between the ECC system and the Shoretel PBX to notify the phone of the agent state.
Jul 16, 2016 03:29 PM PDT
Damian Galindo
Global CTI Group
This would require development and just a thought - Using the ShoreTel Phone API one may be able to program an application on the phone to allow agents the ability to view their current status or push a notification to the user's phone when they are released. This would only work on XML based phones.
Aug 26, 2016 06:35 AM PDT
Patrick McHenry
Med James Inc
I would love to see this option - a button on the phone to Logon, Logoff, Release and Resume so agent does not need to use Contact Center Agent or Communicator.
Sep 05, 2016 07:53 AM PDT
Mike Bonser
Gas Transportation Company
You could add the functions as Speed Dials on the phone - if you have set up the login/logout/Release and resume through GCCS and allocated them route points. Only trouble is no visual indication on the phone.

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