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Problems with Call Transfer from SMC's on adroid devices

May 12, 2015 08:44 AM PDT
Virgil Lung
FCS Cumarasaid Teo (T/A FCS Global)
SMC version: 9.0.42 Build 108
PBX: Shoretel 13.3 Build 18.61.6001.0
IP Phone: IP230

Problem: When calling from a SMC installed on an adroid device after I make consult transfer the call is trasferred but I cannot hear the caller.

Workaroud: After the trasfer consult is made, I have to hold/unhold the call,so I can hear the caller.(I can hold/unhold the call either from SMC or IP230, same result)

There are no problems with consult transfer for calls originated from SMC's installed on apple devices.

For me this looks like a bug.

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