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ShoreTel SDK DialNumber Error

May 27, 2015 08:08 AM PDT
Kevin Landry
Mastermans LLP
Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for this question.

We use the SDK to dial phone numbers from a browser for example. Recently, I have been seeing this fail for one particular station (it had been working on this station for years previously).

The error recorded in the WebSDK log file is as follows (# characters used in place of actual number):

[2015-05-20 13:19:26.062][21] ERROR [DialNumber from 218 to 91##########] Throwing FaultException with message = Source extension number 218 is not a station!, faultCode = Sender, CustomSDKErrorCode = InvalidArgument

It states that the extension is not a station??

As near as I can tell, everything looks normal for this extension and the phone operates normally except when performing the above DialNumber function.

Any ideas on what might cause this or how to fix this issue? What is the difference between a station and an extension?

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