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Presence on the Mobile Client (Android)

Jun 19, 2015 11:04 AM PDT
Ben Smith
Indiana Electronics & Communications Inc
I figured since this issue has to deal with the mobile client, the mobility forums would be the best home. If a moderator feels that it should be placed in another section, please feel free to movie it to the appropriate location.

Hello, first off let me introduce myself. I'm Ben Smith, I work as an IT Technician at a small telecom business. Prior to this job, I knew nothing about VoIP, phone systems, etc. as all my knowledge was networking and computer hardware. Since I've been playing with the ShoreTel system here at the office I've come to grasp the concept rather well. Most issues thus far have been solved with trial/error, looking through documentation or a trip through Google, but this issue I'm facing now is turning up dead ends.

Allow me to give a brief overview of our setup so you can better assist me with my issue. We have a ShoreTel Server 14.2 machine virtualized on a VMware server, a SG40 physical switch, a Mobility Router 2000 running 8.0, and a few other physical devices that are installed in our rack but not being used as of yet. We have a handful of users on the system using Communicator and a couple users (myself included...I'm the...guinea pig if you might say) using the Mobile Client to connect to the server. IM and presence work just fine on communicator, but in the mobile client when I turn on presence and try to login it displays a popup "HTTP Bad Request". I've tried using the client username/password, tried using username@appliance-DNS-name with a password, and tried using the PBX-side security login found in mobility. Each attempt has yielded the same result. I can make/receive calls on my mobile client just fine, but presence and messaging does not work. Am I looking in the right spots to get it working or should I be looking elsewhere in the system.

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
Jun 19, 2015 11:10 AM PDT
Ben Smith
Indiana Electronics & Communications Inc
I forgot to mention, we do have a Virtual Appliance Collaboration server running that we used the OVF built in to the FTP directory on the server to deploy. In quick look, it shows up as a green arrow indicating it's operational. Figured that might be a detail that is worth mentioning haha.
Nov 05, 2015 02:32 PM PST
Andy Baker
Fellowship Bible Church
Ben, In Director under your General settings is the box checked for Allow Telephony Presence?

I believe the username is case sensitive however it's typed into Director make sure it's typed into Mobility the same way.

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